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Reviews on smartphone graphic from Simonian Flooring Inc in Village, NV


Last night my 15 month old Westie followed an interesting sound into an unused guest room two floors below where I slept and the door apparently closed behind him. Unaccustomed to being absolutely alone (his dog companion slept safely upstairs) and in the dark, he spent a good portion of the night in panic trying to dig under the closed door. I awoke to his cries and a several foot span of shredded carpet and padding. After he calmed down, I searched the internet for someone locally who would repair carpet. I made several calls with negative responses and was eventually directed to a company (nameless...) which definately performed repairs.  I called twice, but they never called back. 

I knew Simonian to be a high end, high quality company which sells flooring, and stopped by their showroom in the hope that they might know anyone in our small  town---during the height of tourist season---willing to make a repair. I told Gloria my sad story and she laughed about how the dog had made "spaghetti"---a rather accurate description of the mess in my guest room---and introduced me to her installer, Israel, who was on his way to another job.  Israel was at my house an hour later making a nearly invisible repair using a piece of carpet from the back of the closet. The carpet is off-white wool berber which tends to show seams, but his workmanship exceeded my expectations. The patch is only visible by the slight difference in color only if one knows where to look. A cleaning should take care of that. 

So grateful to find that Simonian would do the job,I never asked for a price. I called Gloria when Israel finished so she would know how much time the job took to complete. The price was really fair for the work done. She could have taken advantage of me (small job, emergency repair) and I would have paid it. But because of the excellent treatment I received, as well as a fair price, I will definately be back for in a couple of months for kitchen flooring. Thank you Gloria and Israel!

Marsha W   I had wall-to-wal, wool carpet installed well over a year ago. I complained from day one, because most of the seams showed and it was obviously a shoddy job. The former owner, Bruce, came out a few times, but nothing he did worked. Ultimately I let the issue die. That is until I called one last time at least a year later and Gloria answered and said she was now the owner and asked what she could do to help. From the get go, my experience with Gloria Simonian was the polar opposite. She came out immediately, took one look at the poor job and agreed to install an all-new carpeting of my choice FOR FREE!. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Gloria. She helped me pick out a beautiful carpet and took the time to get the color and material right this time. It's obvious she cares about her customers, stands by her word, and knows how to render quality service. Arturo and Alex have been quite helpful, as have been the rest of her staff  She's friendly, cheerful and an absolute delight to work with. And the job was perfect! Karen z